Tour of an Argentinean Grocery Store

A lot can be gleaned from a visit to the local grocer when traveling.  I think it's one of the most fascinating looks at a different culture–a peek into the pantries of the people.  Food is a great connector–sharing something across the table creating bonds, sustaining people, perpetuating culture. So what are the people of […]

Cervezeria Jerome–Jerome Brewery

  On our recent trip to Argentina, we took a day trip to the Andes with friends–headed to Potrerillos, a little town in the foothills of the Andes populated mostly by the weekend and summer homes of Mendocinos, businesses who attract tourists (horseback riding and rafting) and home to one stellar family-owned brewery called Jerome. […]

Cafe Las Violetas, Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is gritty, loud, busy–everything a big city should be. But it's overwhelming for the newcomer, and while its world-class offerings parallel a city like New York, Buenos Aires goes on and on–unlike the Big Apple, which can be taken in bite-sized chunks because it's contained on an island. Buenos Aires sprawls on forever. […]

Almacen, Bowen–Bowen Corner Store

On our recent trip to Argentina, we spent several days in Bowen, my husband's tiny hometown in rural Mendoza.  A new corner store opened a couple of weeks ago, offering all kinds of meat for an asado, of course…    …several types of yerba, pasta, and basics like eggs, flour and boxed wine (for cooking […]

Almacen del Sur

Almacen del Sur is one of Mendoza's hidden gems–where better to spend a sunny fall afternoon in between stops on the wine route?  One can rent a bicycle or go on horseback from winery to winery, making the nearby 'delicatessen' the perfect stop-off for a mid-day meal. 'Almacen' is a word used to describe an old-fashioned general […]