Celebrating Día del Niño–Dulce de Leche Donuts

The second Sunday in August is a special day in Argentina–it's Día del Niño, or Children's Day.  (This year it was postponed for elections, and was on Sunday the 21st.) Día del Niño is a day celebrating the fleeting and wonder-filled years of childhood.  I suppose adults on this day may reflect on their own fond […]

Alfajores Mendocinos–Mendoza Style Alfajores

I've eaten my fair share of alfajores, I'll confess that now. Two buttery cookies sandwiched with gooey dulce de leche, then rolled in coconut along the edges, dipped in a bath of white or dark chocolate, or simply dusted in a blanket confectioner's sugar–who among us can resist such a sweet? But I thought all […]

Pionono de Dulce de Leche–Caramel Jelly Roll

You know if you're a parent that moment when your toddler is quiet, and you allow yourself a momentary  mental sigh of relief.  And then, you think, wait–it's too quiet, and discover them in the bathroom, an entire roll of toilet paper unraveled around them, or the in the kitchen with the bubbles from the […]

Alfajores de Maicena–Dulce de Leche Cornstarch Shortbread Cookies

Today I want to take you to Mendoza's Peotonal–the cafe-lined pedestrian mall near the Plaza Independencia; to sample the Alfajores at Havanna.  Havanna is Argentina's oldest and best-known producer of alfajores, the shortbread-like sandwich cookie filled with gooey, sweet dulce de leche.  At the Havanna cafe, visitors spend long afternoon hours sipping cortitos con leche […]

Milhojas de Dulce de Leche–Dulce de Leche Napoleons

  If you had a dream pantry, what would be in it?  Would you have a few staples in a drawer, or maybe an infinite walk-in closet full of every food product imaginable?  The Perfect Pantry, hosted by the lovely Lydia, is a blog about all the items that would be in that ultimate pantry.  […]