Heart-shaped Alfajores for Valentine’s Day–Alfajores en forma de Corazon por el Dia de San Valentin

Valentine's Day–you can love it or hate it.  We've all gone through Valentine's Days alone or heart-broken, Valentine's Day days head-over-heels, Valentine's Days spent with girlfriends on the couch watching a weeper or out to dinner ignoring the holiday.  Even earlier, most of us suffered the unforgettable heady yet awkward exchange of Valentines in class. […]

Alfajores Mendocinos–Mendoza Style Alfajores

I've eaten my fair share of alfajores, I'll confess that now. Two buttery cookies sandwiched with gooey dulce de leche, then rolled in coconut along the edges, dipped in a bath of white or dark chocolate, or simply dusted in a blanket confectioner's sugar–who among us can resist such a sweet? But I thought all […]

Alfajores de Maicena–Dulce de Leche Cornstarch Shortbread Cookies

Today I want to take you to Mendoza's Peotonal–the cafe-lined pedestrian mall near the Plaza Independencia; to sample the Alfajores at Havanna.  Havanna is Argentina's oldest and best-known producer of alfajores, the shortbread-like sandwich cookie filled with gooey, sweet dulce de leche.  At the Havanna cafe, visitors spend long afternoon hours sipping cortitos con leche […]

Pastelitos de 25 de mayo–Pastries for May 25th

"Are you going to make pastelitos this year?"  Guillermo asks as we're driving down the street near home.  He's driving,.  Maybe it's the recent greening of everything (Spring always makes me sentimental)…it's one of those rare moments that he takes a walk (or a drive) down memory lane. "Well, are you going to teach me?" […]