February 17, 2012

Bomboneria “Bombonella”, Buenos Aires

ARGENTINA 2011 238

When we stumbled across this chocolate shop in Buenos Aires, it was love at first sight.  The window display was like a brick wall of bars personalized with messages of all kinds.  White, milk, or dark chocolate, they can be inscribed with someone's name, which I loved, since stateside names like Guillermo and Esteban are impossible to find on anything.  

But what I love even more are all the 'message' chocolate bars.  There were the standard 'I like you' and 'I love you', along with romantic phrases like, 'Happy Anniversary' and sweet ones, like 'Happy Birthday' or 'Hi, Sweetie!'.  (Also loved the ones that say 'Mama' and 'Papa'!)

'Get well', says one. 'You're beautiful!' says another.  Some are pure Argentinean colloquialism: 'Sos re lindo!' (You're super beautiful!) or 'Te re quiero!' (I really like you!) and even glib, like the one that reads 'Hey Baby!' . Some are sweet-scented nostalgia: 'I dream of you'; 'Goddess!'; 'I'd die for you' or 'I'm happy with you'.  

My personal favorites are the slightly weird, off-color ones: 'Sos un potro!' (You're a stallion!') 'Merde!', and even 'Te odio!' (I loathe you!).  There are overly-romantic ones–'I want to melt in your mouth' and 'I want to steal your eyes!' are something best left by a secret admirer.  

'Will you forgive me?' or 'Seeing you smile makes me happy' and even 'Long live love by your side', any message you desire can be delivered to your intended on an edible bar of chocolate.  For a few dollars, who could resist such a novelty?

You can even watch the resident chocolatier in his own window:

ARGENTINA 2011 240

(There's also a full selection of choclates, including the sticks seen in the tray above, Chocolate en Rama, a popular treat.)

If you're in the neighborhood, stop in–or at least window shop!

Bombonella's website says they opened in 1941–a piece of Buenos Aires history…

Bomboneria Bombonella–Av. Corrientes 1479 (1042) Buenos Aires, Argentina phone:(011) 4371-0633 e-mail: bbombonella@hotmail.com


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