Video: Making Gnocchi with Esteban–Video: Preparando Ñoquis con Esteban

  Just in time for the 29th–a video with a gnocchi recipe so simple, even a five-year-old can make it!  I recently shot a series of technique videos, and in this one, my son Esteban teaches ME how to make Ñoquis del 29.  We had a blast shooting this one–I hope you enjoy!

Empanadas in the Oregonian!

Aren't these emapnadas just mouth-watering?  They came from a pizzeria in Buenos Aires on our last trip there, and we ate them in one sitting, while admiring the 'repulgue' code indicating what different fillings awaited us inside.  Pretty clever if you ask me.  No mysteries, just different seals, along with a small flyer of hand-drawn […]

Laura Catena’s Vino Argentino

In 2009, when I met Peter Perez of Chronicle Books at the IACP conference he told me that Laura Catena was writing a guidebook to Argentinean wines and wine regions, to be published by Chronicle in 2010.  Guidebook is an understatement–Bible of Argentine Wine is a more accurate description–and the wait is finally over! If you're not familiar […]

Q & A With Te Extraño Director Fabian Hofman

 Last week I had the chance to pose a few questions to Argentinean director Fabián Hofman, who's poignant film, Te Extraño, will screen at the 2010 Starz Denver Film Festival.  The film follows two brothers, adolescent Javier and his older, politically involved brother, Adrian.  Based on Hofman's real life story during Argentina's military dictatorship of […]

What to Eat While Watching an Argentinean Film

Perhaps as you read this you may be wondering what the three Argentinean films (plus one American film about soccer) have to do with a blog about Argentinean recipes. I mentioned in my previous post that I did some work for the Starz Denver Film Festival this year, screening films and writing program notes.  But beyond […]