El Patio de Babushka

"My brother wants to take us to lunch today," Guillermo announced as we were sitting at my in-law's green kitchen table, tearing into a brown paper bag of pastries from Al Pan Pan.  "He knows of a farm where the family runs a restaurant out of their house, and they cook all Ukrainian food."  That was enough to […]

Niños Envueltos–Stuffed Cabbage Rolls in Tomato Sauce (Golubki)

  Florencia, my mother-in-law, has roots in Kiev; in the era that her parents decided to emigrate to Argentina, the Ukraine experienced loads of political upheaval.  Her family was culturally and linguistically Ukrainian, but borders in that era were in constant flux, and post-WWI, Kiev was invaded by and became part of, at one time or other, […]

Varenikis–Ricotta and Potato Dumplings

   Varenikis, Varenykys, Pelmeni or варе́ники are what we in the US call Perogis–they're known by their Polish moniker here.  Whatever you call them, these dumplings will find a way into your heart and onto your favorites list at first taste. 

Sopa de Sorrel–Sorrel Soup

"You have to have it!  People who don't have soup don't ever grow up!" "And they stay little, and don't ever get big!"   … (Mafalda looking at her soup)… "What tranquility would reign today in the world if Marx hadn't eaten his soup!" Mafalda is Argentina's most loved and well-known comic strip, created in 1964 […]