El Patio de Babushka

"My brother wants to take us to lunch today," Guillermo announced as we were sitting at my in-law's green kitchen table, tearing into a brown paper bag of pastries from Al Pan Pan.  "He knows of a farm where the family runs a restaurant out of their house, and they cook all Ukrainian food."  That was enough to […]

A Visit to Lasater Ranch–Una Visita a la Estancia Lasater

 A couple of Sundays ago, we were honored to get an invite to the Lasater Ranch, where our gracious host, Alex Lasater (above) treated us to an outstanding day on the prairie.  Lasater Ranch is located on 30,000 acres of wide-open range.  (Cue 'Don't Fence Me In' music here.)  The property actually circumvents the tiny township of […]

Suckling Pig in a Clay Oven at Grandpa’s House–Lechón al Horno de Barro en la Casa de los Abuelos

Fire is primal–the first and most basic way to cook.  Since the beginning of time, it gives man the power to control his food.  It is also by far (smokers, barbecues, ovens and other technology be damned) one of the most effective ways to release flavor.  Fire is warming, hypnotic, yet dangerous.  It strikes a […]

The Vineyard at the End of the World Book Giveaway!

If James Bond drank Malbec instead of Martinis, he would be in this book.  At first, I'll admit, I was skeptical–would I be interested in reading a whole book about the history of Argentine wine?  But reading this book  is like having your BFF climb into bed with you and tell you all the latest chisme.  […]

Bomboneria “Bombonella”, Buenos Aires

When we stumbled across this chocolate shop in Buenos Aires, it was love at first sight.  The window display was like a brick wall of bars personalized with messages of all kinds.  White, milk, or dark chocolate, they can be inscribed with someone's name, which I loved, since stateside names like Guillermo and Esteban are […]