Empanadas de Vigilia–Camaron Y Espinaca–Lenten Empanadas–Shrimp and Spinach

  Empanadas de Vigilia are popular in Argentina around Easter–the time when those who observe Lent 'keep vigil' and abstain from the things they enjoy eating and drinking  the rest of the year.  Believers omit these things as a sacrifice, a nod to Christ's sacrifice of his life by crucifixion for our mortal sins–albiet a […]

Empanadas de Zapallo y Queso de Cabra–Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Empanadas

  For the last week or so, like most Americans, I've been talking turkey. (gobble, gobble) It's because of Thanksgiving, of course!  Whether you like to cook or just like to eat, food is at the center of the day.  It's either a day one looks forward to (those who are eating) or dreads (those who […]

Dulce de Batata–Sweet Potato Paste

  The smells outside my in-laws home in Bowen are a rustic melange of the countryside.  In fall, it's the tangy, tannic quaff of the bodega across the street, La Bowense, making their brew–their strong damajuana (jug) wine stings a bit in the nose.  In early mornings, a whiff of woodsmoke from someone's hearth fire, burning […]

Martini de Yerba Mate–Yerba Mate Martini

 Sometimes life throws you lemons.  And if you're an optimist, you make lemonade.  Or, you use the rind of said lemon and use it to make a twist in an awesome martini and wait for things to get better. One of my favorite haunts when I was in my early 20s is the time-honored Cruise […]

Tomates Rellenos con Arroz–Rice Stuffed Tomatoes

Another holiday favorite in Argentina and it's easy to know why–in the heat of a South American summer, nothing is as precious to the palate as a fresh tomato, picked at its peak.  If you think that phrase is a mouthful, consider biting into one of these lovely, vine-ripened treats, stuffed with perfectly seasoned rice […]