Carbonada–Squash and Vegetable Stew

  July 9th is Argentina's Independence Day, celebrated there in the dead of winter, when hearty, stick-to-your-ribs stews are a welcome dinner on a cold night.  Carbonada and fireworks are the order of the day, and this is a stew-lover's dream: savory, brothy, sweet and meaty. Carbonada combines not just meat and potatoes, but pieces […]

Sopa de Sorrel–Sorrel Soup

"You have to have it!  People who don't have soup don't ever grow up!" "And they stay little, and don't ever get big!"   … (Mafalda looking at her soup)… "What tranquility would reign today in the world if Marx hadn't eaten his soup!" Mafalda is Argentina's most loved and well-known comic strip, created in 1964 […]