Pionono de Atun y Morrones–Pionono with Tuna and Roasted Red Peppers

  If there were ever a quality that would make a food lovable, for me that quality would be versatility. Take the humble Pionono–a handful of basic ingredients (above) blended together to create a spongy cake that has just about as many filling options as you can dream up. In the mood for something sweet? […]

Tarta Pascualina–Easter Spinach Ricotta Pie

 A couple of years ago, I posted a great recipe for Tarta Pascualina with roasted red peppers that was sent to me by a reader in Washington.  Since this dish is popular in Argentina during this season, I'd share another variation of the recipe.  Pascua is the Spanish word for Easter, so Tarta Pascualina literally means 'Eastertime Tart'. […]

Empanadas de Zapallo y Queso de Cabra–Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Empanadas

  For the last week or so, like most Americans, I've been talking turkey. (gobble, gobble) It's because of Thanksgiving, of course!  Whether you like to cook or just like to eat, food is at the center of the day.  It's either a day one looks forward to (those who are eating) or dreads (those who […]

Tortas Fritas–Rainy Day Fried Bread

  This morning as I bustled around getting ready to take Esteban to preschool, the wind was blowing but the sun was shining; an autumn chill was in the air.  On our drive, the weather was a bizarre mix that defines Colorado's typically atypical seasonal weather–bright morning sun in the East, and a wall of black clouds looming on […]

Humitas en Chala con Queso de Cabra–Corn Pudding Tamales with Goat Cheese

  Today you get a tidbit of Argentinean history along with your tidbit of food: In 1879, the forces of Tucuman-born future oligarch of Argentina General Roca wiped out most of the indigenous peoples that inhabited the Pampa.  Such was the nature of conquest–'new' lands being colonized by to extend land expansion meant death or […]