Martini de Yerba Mate–Yerba Mate Martini

 Sometimes life throws you lemons.  And if you're an optimist, you make lemonade.  Or, you use the rind of said lemon and use it to make a twist in an awesome martini and wait for things to get better. One of my favorite haunts when I was in my early 20s is the time-honored Cruise […]


Today's recipe for Churros comes thanks to reader Marcos' from Australia's request.  I often get emails  from readers with suggestions, so your Reader Requests will be a new monthly feature. Please email (or tweet, or facebook) me your requests and ideas!  Thanks! There are a lot of things in this world I just can't understand.  Some I […]

Ensalada Waldorf–Waldorf Salad

  Waldorf Salad is such a part of our culinary vernacular that it finds a home on holiday tables around the world.  It all began in March of 1893, on 5th and 33rd Streets in New York City–the location of the original Waldorf Hotel.  Alva Vanderbilt threw a charity ball to fete the hotel's opening, drawing […]

Ensalada Rusa–‘Russian’ Potato Salad

As its name suggests, Ensalada Rusa, Russian Salad, has its origins in Russia.  Over generations, it inched its way west to Spain, Portugal and Italy, and then made the jump to South America with waves of European and Russian immigrants. At its most simple, it consists of boiled potatoes, peas, and carrots swathed in a […]


  Milanesa, as its known in Argentina, is the gastronomic version of Madonna (bear with me here): immensely popular around the world and constantly being reinvented.  While in Argentina it's called Milanesa, in Austria it's known as Wiener Schnitzel, and in the Southern United States it's called Chicken Fried Steak.  The same dish is known in Chile as […]