Milanesa a la Napolitana–‘Neopolitan-Style’ Schnitzel

  Months ago, I wrote about how the iconic Milanesa got it's name–and while the dish was pilfered by an Austrian Count during a stay in Italy and  adopted by the Austrians as Wiener Schnitzel, those in Spanish-speaking countries use the name that's a nod to the city it came from. In Argentina, they are so Italian that […]

Martini de Yerba Mate–Yerba Mate Martini

 Sometimes life throws you lemons.  And if you're an optimist, you make lemonade.  Or, you use the rind of said lemon and use it to make a twist in an awesome martini and wait for things to get better. One of my favorite haunts when I was in my early 20s is the time-honored Cruise […]

Pionono de Dulce de Leche–Caramel Jelly Roll

You know if you're a parent that moment when your toddler is quiet, and you allow yourself a momentary  mental sigh of relief.  And then, you think, wait–it's too quiet, and discover them in the bathroom, an entire roll of toilet paper unraveled around them, or the in the kitchen with the bubbles from the […]

Tomates Rellenos con Arroz–Rice Stuffed Tomatoes

Another holiday favorite in Argentina and it's easy to know why–in the heat of a South American summer, nothing is as precious to the palate as a fresh tomato, picked at its peak.  If you think that phrase is a mouthful, consider biting into one of these lovely, vine-ripened treats, stuffed with perfectly seasoned rice […]

Ensalada Rusa–‘Russian’ Potato Salad

As its name suggests, Ensalada Rusa, Russian Salad, has its origins in Russia.  Over generations, it inched its way west to Spain, Portugal and Italy, and then made the jump to South America with waves of European and Russian immigrants. At its most simple, it consists of boiled potatoes, peas, and carrots swathed in a […]