Pionono de Crema con Palmitos–Hearts of Palm and Crème Fraîche Pionono

Americans are masters of 'small talk'.  The weather, the game, politics…quipped to both strangers and friends alike in grocery store aisles or pre-school pick-up.  This superficial conversation allows us to connect with our fellow man and yet remain uncommitted.  In the U.S., 'What do you do?' is a conversation starter, whereas in Argentina, it is […]

Pionono de Atun y Morrones–Pionono with Tuna and Roasted Red Peppers

  If there were ever a quality that would make a food lovable, for me that quality would be versatility. Take the humble Pionono–a handful of basic ingredients (above) blended together to create a spongy cake that has just about as many filling options as you can dream up. In the mood for something sweet? […]

Buñuelos de Manzana –Apple Fritters

  My appetite for books is as voracious as the one I have for food–there's nothing I love more than getting into a really good book.  My favorite stories are rich in sensory details–they bring me in with the sights, smells and tastes of the story. Monica, friend and Uruguayan transplant, recommended The Invisible Mountain, by […]

Turrón de Avena–Chocolate Oatmeal Wafer Bars

   As I've mentioned in previous posts, one of the best things about this blog is the emails I get from readers requesting recipes–I hope that From Argentina With Love is a reference point for those folks who have married into it (as I have), who have traveled to Argentina and fallen in love with it, […]

Tortas Fritas–Rainy Day Fried Bread

  This morning as I bustled around getting ready to take Esteban to preschool, the wind was blowing but the sun was shining; an autumn chill was in the air.  On our drive, the weather was a bizarre mix that defines Colorado's typically atypical seasonal weather–bright morning sun in the East, and a wall of black clouds looming on […]