Asian Dumplings Book Giveaway! (And Empanada Recipe)

  Andrea Nguyen's family fled Vietnam in the early 1970s with little more than a tattered orange notebook full of family recipes that her mom rescued from their home. The notebook later became the inspiration for Nguyen's James Beard Award-nominated tour de force, Into the Vietnamese Kitchen–the first Vietnamese cookbook published in English. She followed with […]

Empanadas de Humitas–Corn and Piquillo Pepper Empanadas

Humitas are one of my favorite fillings for empanadas–and if you like corn, it will be one of yours, too. It's also vegetarian (if you make the dough yourself) a welcome variety from Argentina's meat-heavy menus. Humitas is really an adaptation of indigenous cooking at its most basic–ears of corn, grated fine, peppers roasted over […]

A Taste of Argentina

  I won't be able to attend this awesome event, hosted by the Argentinean Consulate General and the Casa Argentina de Colorado at the elegant Denver Athletic Club–but I hope you'll be there! The event is FREE, and will have a selection of fabulous Argentinean wines to try, as well as empanadas from Maria Empanada.  […]

Empanadas de Vigilia–Camaron Y Espinaca–Lenten Empanadas–Shrimp and Spinach

  Empanadas de Vigilia are popular in Argentina around Easter–the time when those who observe Lent 'keep vigil' and abstain from the things they enjoy eating and drinking  the rest of the year.  Believers omit these things as a sacrifice, a nod to Christ's sacrifice of his life by crucifixion for our mortal sins–albiet a […]

Empanadas de Zapallo y Queso de Cabra–Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Empanadas

  For the last week or so, like most Americans, I've been talking turkey. (gobble, gobble) It's because of Thanksgiving, of course!  Whether you like to cook or just like to eat, food is at the center of the day.  It's either a day one looks forward to (those who are eating) or dreads (those who […]