Empanadas in The Huffington Post!

Wow!  I am so honored to be included (twice!) in a round-up of Empanadas on The Huffington Post Taste Blog!  I am in great company, the slideshow they created is amazing, and my mouth was watering just looking at all the photos.  The recipes look delicious, I can't wait to check out many of the […]

Fried Cheese Empanadas–Empanadas de Queso Fritas

As the old adage goes, "patience is a virtue".  Why is a patient person more virtuous than the average person?  Because no one has any patience, or at least patience is something that has to be cultivated, not a natural-born trait. So often, part of our human nature leaves us with a nagging question in the back […]

Empanadas in the Oregonian!

Aren't these emapnadas just mouth-watering?  They came from a pizzeria in Buenos Aires on our last trip there, and we ate them in one sitting, while admiring the 'repulgue' code indicating what different fillings awaited us inside.  Pretty clever if you ask me.  No mysteries, just different seals, along with a small flyer of hand-drawn […]

Fall Classes at the Seasoned Chef Cooking School

  Back by popular demand, we've added two new classes this fall at the Seasoned Chef.  Hope to see you there!  The classes are intimate, hands-on, and a fun way to learn how to cook something new while you meet new people. Details are below! Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012 EMPANADA WORKSHOPWant to become an empanada […]

5 Make-Ahead (and Freeze) Argentinean Favorites

So many of my favorite Argentinean recipes, however delicious, can be rather…time and labor intensive.  Meaning, there is no way they are making it to the dinner table on a weeknight if I'm making it that same day from scratch.  However, making a double batch of something on a weekend and freezing half makes eating […]