Dulce de Batata–Sweet Potato Paste

  The smells outside my in-laws home in Bowen are a rustic melange of the countryside.  In fall, it's the tangy, tannic quaff of the bodega across the street, La Bowense, making their brew–their strong damajuana (jug) wine stings a bit in the nose.  In early mornings, a whiff of woodsmoke from someone's hearth fire, burning […]

Tortas Fritas–Rainy Day Fried Bread

  This morning as I bustled around getting ready to take Esteban to preschool, the wind was blowing but the sun was shining; an autumn chill was in the air.  On our drive, the weather was a bizarre mix that defines Colorado's typically atypical seasonal weather–bright morning sun in the East, and a wall of black clouds looming on […]

Chocolates Pradel–Pradel Chocolates

  Pradel Chocolates is a traveler's treasure–a small store front in downtown Mendoza that sells handmade artesenal chocolates.  It's on a side street off of the Peotonal–Mendoza's pedestrian mall. Owner and chocolatier Miriam Beatriz Ahumada (pictured below) studied chocolate-making in Spain, returning to her native Argentina to share her delectable treats with all Mendoza.  Her hand-decorated […]


Today's recipe for Churros comes thanks to reader Marcos' from Australia's request.  I often get emails  from readers with suggestions, so your Reader Requests will be a new monthly feature. Please email (or tweet, or facebook) me your requests and ideas!  Thanks! There are a lot of things in this world I just can't understand.  Some I […]

Pionono de Dulce de Leche–Caramel Jelly Roll

You know if you're a parent that moment when your toddler is quiet, and you allow yourself a momentary  mental sigh of relief.  And then, you think, wait–it's too quiet, and discover them in the bathroom, an entire roll of toilet paper unraveled around them, or the in the kitchen with the bubbles from the […]