Dulce de Batata–Sweet Potato Paste

  The smells outside my in-laws home in Bowen are a rustic melange of the countryside.  In fall, it's the tangy, tannic quaff of the bodega across the street, La Bowense, making their brew–their strong damajuana (jug) wine stings a bit in the nose.  In early mornings, a whiff of woodsmoke from someone's hearth fire, burning […]

Pizza de Palmitas con Salsa Golf–Hearts of Palm Pizza with Salsa Golf

After all the time travel we've been doing, you must be starving!  This pizza should take care of that–today's recipe is a simple, straight-forward Argentinean classic,  always accompanied by Salsa Golf.   Salsa Golf is either drizzled over the top or is used with each slice for dipping.  I made my version of this pizza vegetarian, but […]

Salsa Golf–‘Golf Sauce’

Last year I attended a taping of the show 'Food Network Challenge,' famous for bringing you princess cakes and models of the Brooklyn Bridge constructed from cornflakes.  Four chefs were challenged to beat the clock to create dishes, that were tasted by three chef-judges, to ultimately win a prize of $10,000.  Three of the chefs had stations piled […]

Salsa Criolla–Creole-Style Relish

'Fusion' is a hip term these days, as the globe seems to be getting smaller and information is constantly shared, creating nonstop connectivity.  Cultures are blending and melding at an amazing speed.  In cuisine, that has translated into a lot of 'East meets West'–merging Asian flavors with European techniques, or Fusion. But just for just a moment, […]

Ñoquis de Batata y Albahaca–Sweet Potato and Basil Gnocchi

It's nearing the the end of the month again, and you know what that means in Argentina–time to turn your kitchen into a ñoqui-making factory!  If you haven't yet been charmed by Argentineans way of eating gnocchi every month, this might be your chance to embrace the 'Ñoquis del 29' tradition, because the gnocchi are out of this world–sweet […]