Zapallo en Almíbar, Parte Dos–Candied Squash, Part Two

My recipe for Zapallo en Almíbar is evolving!  I think that’s how it starts with all family recipes that get passed down.  Everyone makes their adaptations until it tastes just right for them, and then they write it in a tattered notebook where their prized family recipes are held.  (Does your family have one of […]

Tomato Jam–Dulce de Tomate

  What do you do when your sweet Argentine husband confesses that he's homesick? If you're like me, you find that food–while never being quite like the real thing–brings you pretty close to home. And having that comforting flavor of home in your mouth soothes the homesick beast (even ten years, two kids and a mortgage […]

Candied Orange and Lemon Peel–Cáscara de Naranja y Limón Azucarada

      Every family has its own special holiday traditions.  Those rituals that bind us together during this festive season, whether trimming the tree with a collection of special ornaments gathered over the years, reading holiday stories while nestled in flannel sheets, or cooking cherished family specialties to share with family and friends.  Maybe it's […]

The New Southern Latino Table Cookbook Giveaway!

Sandra Gutierrez's passion for food permeates the pages of her new book, The New Southern Latino Table.  In it, she talks about her upbringing in Guatemala–a fusion of Latin and American cultures that reached into all areas of her life–language, culture, and especially food.  Gutierrez credits her tia Maria, an accomplished and avid writer and cook, […]

Niños Envueltos–Stuffed Cabbage Rolls in Tomato Sauce (Golubki)

  Florencia, my mother-in-law, has roots in Kiev; in the era that her parents decided to emigrate to Argentina, the Ukraine experienced loads of political upheaval.  Her family was culturally and linguistically Ukrainian, but borders in that era were in constant flux, and post-WWI, Kiev was invaded by and became part of, at one time or other, […]