Tomato Jam–Dulce de Tomate

  What do you do when your sweet Argentine husband confesses that he's homesick? If you're like me, you find that food–while never being quite like the real thing–brings you pretty close to home. And having that comforting flavor of home in your mouth soothes the homesick beast (even ten years, two kids and a mortgage […]

Linzer Torte (Pasta Frola) with Almonds–Pasta Frola con Almendras

Back in 2008, when this blog was a baby idea of sharing recipes from our life in the U.S. and Argentina, I wrote about Pasta Frola.  Many of the recipes I made came from my mother-in-law, Florencia's, kitchen as I settled into life as a newlywed. Pasta Frola is a classic not-too-sweet dessert.  At my in-laws' house, it's always around, cut […]

Tarta de Ricota–Ricotta Tart

   I first discovered tarta de ricota at Dün Ken, one of our favorite bakeries in Mendoza.  Since then, I've been working on perfecting my own version at home, and I think I've just about got it down.   Tarta de Ricota is just what it sounds like–a tart made from ricotta cheese.  It's the Italian […]

5 Make-Ahead (and Freeze) Argentinean Favorites

So many of my favorite Argentinean recipes, however delicious, can be rather…time and labor intensive.  Meaning, there is no way they are making it to the dinner table on a weeknight if I'm making it that same day from scratch.  However, making a double batch of something on a weekend and freezing half makes eating […]

Ñoquis del 29; A Family Tradition–Una Tradicion Familiar

Recently, I read an article entitled 'Helpful Hints for Successful Parenting'. Among the suggestions: "Share the things you love with your children…Teach him that his environment is filled with things that have meaning to you.  As he grows, give him a part in family traditions." I think this happens naturally, in some ways, as we […]