Classes At Colorado Free University!

I'm so thrilled to announce that I'll be teaching a couple of new classes at Colorado Free University! The Empanadas at Home Workshop, is an "everything you ever wanted to know about empanadas" class, where participants will learn to prepare Empanadas Mendocinas (spiced beef and onion with olive and hard-boiled egg), Empanadas Margaritas (tomato, basil and […]

Masters of Food and Wine, Part II–Cooking Class with Chef Estruch

  Masters of Food and Wine, Mendoza: I attend a cooking class hosted by famed Spanish Chef Montse Estruch.  Her restaurant, El Cingle, is situated at the base of Montserrat mountain, where she creates dishes known for their subtle flavors and floral elements.  The plate she creates exemplifies her cooking philosophy: the plate is alive  with color and made from fresh local ingredients.  […]