Torta de Ochenta Golpes–‘Eighty Punches’ Cake

  Today I bring you a wonderful guest post from my friend Katie Alley, a  fellow blogger who followed her Argentine sweetheart home to Necochea, Argentina, where she now works as a translator and authors Seashells &  Sunflowers, the fabulous and often hilarious blog about her life as an expat.  Find more of her photos, including her 365 series […]


Today's recipe for Churros comes thanks to reader Marcos' from Australia's request.  I often get emails  from readers with suggestions, so your Reader Requests will be a new monthly feature. Please email (or tweet, or facebook) me your requests and ideas!  Thanks! There are a lot of things in this world I just can't understand.  Some I […]

Pan Dulce–Panettone

  Pan Dulce, the cylindrical bread studded with raisins and candied fruit is known here in the US by its Italian name, Panettone.  This Milanese bread is eaten on Christmas in not just Italy and the US, but in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay.  Though its etymology and history are murky at best,  […]

Panaderia Trigal–A Mendoza Pastry Shop

Guillermo found this pastry shop in downtown Mendoza and loved it so much, he took me back there–twice.  He discovered it after an early morning hit to the ATM, and came back to the hotel room with a bag full of medialunas–I knew there was a reason I married this guy! It's a short stroll from the Plaza […]

A Visit to A Family Bakery #1

On my last trip to Argentina, I had the honor of spending a few hours at Al Pan Pan, a  family-owned bakery in Bowen, where many of the locals buy their bread fresh daily.  The bakery is owned and operated by Raul Faur and his daughter, Leyla.  (This is Raul below proudly displaying one of […]