Argentine Wine Seminar With Steven Olson aka wine geek

  Last month, I had the pleasure of being invited to an Argentine Wine Seminar hosted by Steven Olson, aka wine geek.  The seminar was part of a week of events (including a performance by Mary Wilson of the Supremes and a Celebrity Chef Ski Race) touted as "Beaver Creek's Celebration of all things culinary with Bon Appetit […]

A Trip To A Family Winery-Part II

What do you get when you cross an inventor, an egyptologist, an engineer and a wine maker?  Sounds like a great one-liner, I know-but it's actually the bodega (winery) Faraon, on the highway between Bowen and General Alvear. Anselmo Cremaschi built the winery that became Faraon in 1905, but it was his son, Victor-an engineer […]

Bodega Goyenechea–Goyenechea Winery (near San Rafael, Mendoza)

On my first-ever visit to Argentina,we went to tour a family winery called Goyenechea.  This is the willow-tree lined road leading to the winery. Established by Basque immigrant brothers, Santiago and Narciso, Goyenechea was built in the late 1890s.  Their land holdings (1,200 hectares, about 2,965 acres) were once the largest continuous vineyard in the world.  It […]