What to Eat While Watching an Argentinean Film

Perhaps as you read this you may be wondering what the three Argentinean films (plus one American film about soccer) have to do with a blog about Argentinean recipes. I mentioned in my previous post that I did some work for the Starz Denver Film Festival this year, screening films and writing program notes.  But beyond […]

Chile Earthquake Relief

Photo: REUTERS/Mariana Bazo The image below is part of a shocking and heartbreaking slide show compiled by Reuters of the 8.9 quake that devastated Chile on March 1, 2010. In light of this event, I ask you all to see this tragic event and read the email I got from my friend Liz Caskey, an American married […]

Nirmala’s Edible Diary Cookbook Giveaway!

Nirmala Narine, who has been called 'the Indiana Jones of Spices', was born in Guyana in the family kitchen on an empty flour sack, delivered by a marijuana-puffing midwife.  Her grandfather was an Ayurvedic scholar and Hindu priest who introduced her to the importance of spices and cooking holistically. Narine spent the first ten years of […]

Torta de Ochenta Golpes–‘Eighty Punches’ Cake

  Today I bring you a wonderful guest post from my friend Katie Alley, a  fellow blogger who followed her Argentine sweetheart home to Necochea, Argentina, where she now works as a translator and authors Seashells &  Sunflowers, the fabulous and often hilarious blog about her life as an expat.  Find more of her photos, including her 365 series […]

IACP Conference–Pioneering a Sustainable World

  Yesterday I had the most amazing day at  the IACP conference!  For my fellow bloggers and food writers who were unable to attend–I hope you can benefit from this post.  This year's IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) Conference is being held in Denver, my hometown.  The theme is Pioneering a Sustainable World, and it not only focuses on […]