Classes in January! Clases en enero!

WOW.  Or perhaps I should say GUAU. So many exciting projects to keep me busy are brewing this winter and spring, but most exciting of all are the events and classes!  Will you be there?  I hope so! Take a look at the Supper Club page for details on that project (this really deserves it's […]

Ñoquis del 29; A Family Tradition–Una Tradicion Familiar

Recently, I read an article entitled 'Helpful Hints for Successful Parenting'. Among the suggestions: "Share the things you love with your children…Teach him that his environment is filled with things that have meaning to you.  As he grows, give him a part in family traditions." I think this happens naturally, in some ways, as we […]

From Argentina With Love on Pocket Cultures!

I recently posted on  Alfajores Mendocinos as part of a group post on regional Alfajores, and it was there that I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with a group of international bloggers with an Argentina connection–among them, Ana Astri O'Reilly, who blogs at Ana Travels.  Ana, who is Argentinean, married to a Brit and resides […]

Asian Dumplings Book Giveaway! (And Empanada Recipe)

  Andrea Nguyen's family fled Vietnam in the early 1970s with little more than a tattered orange notebook full of family recipes that her mom rescued from their home. The notebook later became the inspiration for Nguyen's James Beard Award-nominated tour de force, Into the Vietnamese Kitchen–the first Vietnamese cookbook published in English. She followed with […]

Alfajores Mendocinos–Mendoza Style Alfajores

I've eaten my fair share of alfajores, I'll confess that now. Two buttery cookies sandwiched with gooey dulce de leche, then rolled in coconut along the edges, dipped in a bath of white or dark chocolate, or simply dusted in a blanket confectioner's sugar–who among us can resist such a sweet? But I thought all […]