May 24, 2011

Almacen, Bowen–Bowen Corner Store


On our recent trip to Argentina, we spent several days in Bowen, my husband's tiny hometown in rural Mendoza.  A new corner store opened a couple of weeks ago, offering all kinds of meat for an asado, of course…


 …several types of yerba, pasta, and basics like eggs, flour and boxed wine (for cooking things like pollo con papas)


 …The store has a really cool 'vintage' refrigerator that's still ticking after all this time.  These 'vintage' things are used out of necessity in Bowen, and not because it's hip.  I love that, because it's a blast into another era; things haven't changed there at all.  There's no need to reclaim these items, because they're still in use….


 And here are crates of fruits and vegetables from local producers, packed just as they came off the farms…. 


This little store has all the essentials–bread and beer.  The other side of the sign was advertising mondongo…Check out the old cars behind the sign!

Hope you've enjoyed your little journey into rural Argentina, and a typical little corner store…

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2 Responses to “Almacen, Bowen–Bowen Corner Store”

  1. “These ‘vintage’ things are used out of necessity in Bowen, and not because it’s hip.”
    Ha! So true, Rebecca. I remember when I first moved to Argentina, and I was rummaging around in my husband’s grandmother’s garage for some furniture. I found an old trunk and a chair that I loved the look of – the pieces were “distressed.” Daniel’s grandmother thought it was crazy that I wanted to put those items in our place without painting or refinishing them. The shabby chic design aesthetic definitely doesn’t exist here. People use things until they fall apart, and then they fix them and keep on using them! Items aren’t vintage – they’re just old. 😉

  2. el almacèn de mi pueblo recorriendo el mundo, muy lindo Rebe, un saludo con cariño Florencia desde bowen Mendoza, Argentina,

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