January 21, 2010

Argentinean Products


Where can a gal procure her husband's favorites that remind him of home?

You're probably not thinking that an Asian market is the place…but you'd be wrong!  Asian Seafood Market in Boulder stocks not just foodstuffs from all over Asia, and for some mysterious reason, a slew of Argentinean goods, too.  No other Latin products, only Argentina's. 

But I'm not complaining–the selection is great, including things I've been looking for for years!  I found the standards– La Salteña Tapas for empanadas (all three varieties) and San Ignacio Dulce de Leche–but they also carry lots of other  La Salteña products–the on the left are tiny tapas for 'Copetin' or snack-sized appetizers for parties; in the frozen cooler you'll find raviolis, fideos, pastelitos and more.

La Virginia Coffee, a favorite of ours has been on my 'just can't find it anywhere, need to smuggle it home in my suitcase' list for years, ditto Paso de los Toros, my suegra Florencia's beverage of choice. (It's a grapefruit flavored soda that is much, much tastier than Fresca or Squirt.)

Crilloitas are a Saltine-like cracker that can always be found in a metal dish on top of my in-law's fridge.  They get set on the table with the sweet pastries for breakfast, and also come out for the post-siesta afternoon Mate.

If you're in the Boulder area, or even if you're not, Asian Seafood Market is the place to find the goods needed for Argentinean cookery. 

Asian Seafood Market

The Villa Shopping Center

2829 28th St.

Boulder, CO 80301

(303) 541-9377

open daily, 10:00am-7:00pm

Jen Yu at Use Real Butter  has written about Asian Seafood Market on her blog (along with her snazzy photos of the shop) and if you're hunting for specialty groceries in Argentina,  Asado Argentina has an awesome list.  This would also be a great topic on Chow's boards–where are the best places to find Latin goods in your area?  I went ahead and started a topic on it in the Southwest board.  I am also going to add a list of Denver-area stores onto my Travel page.

If you're NOT in the Denver area and are know of a great place to send folks who are looking for Latin goods, please leave a comment below and let us know your favorite place to find Argentina's finest in your town!  It would be great to get a forum of feedback to help everyone find what they're looking for!  (and fun to hear everyone's favorites.)

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The opinions stated here are those of the author.  Asian Seafood Market has not sponsored this recommendation.

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9 Responses to “Argentinean Products”

  1. todos los productos presentados MUY BUENOS, (las criollitas para el suegro) yo me quedo con el agua mineral. un saludo desde bowen Mza.Florencia.

  2. Just wanted to mention that the beverage you’ve mentioned is actually originally from Uruguay… :-)
    Paso de los Toros (Passing of the Bulls) is a Uruguayan commercial line of carbonated soft drinks named after the Uruguayan city Paso de los Toros. Originally produced by a local company, it is currently manufactured by Pepsi. Originally being a name for tonic water, Paso de los Toros was expanded into a line in itself, with the inclusion of orange and grapefruit flavored drinks.

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    how wonderful that you can find these Argentinean products where you are! I wish I was that lucky! I have to order my “yerba” and “dulce de batata” from Germany. And they don’t import “La Salteña” products!
    How odd that this Asian food market would include Argentinean products in their assortment!

  4. Very cool that you can find these products near you.

  5. Hi! I’m so happy to know this since I live in Denver. Otherwise the two online places that I know of are http://www.nuevoalmacen.com and http://www.amigofoods.com

  6. I find all of Argentine products at a locally-owned market called Ruben’s in McAllen, TX. They have various alfajores, flour from Blancaflor, dulce de leche like the one pictured and also the ‘reposteria’ kind. They have all kinds of tapas from La Salteña and various types/brands of mate. They carry stuff from different countries. Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, etc. I could ship stuff (that won’t go bad) to anyone interested. I don’t know if you post my email address, but Rebe has it.

  7. Oh yay! I’m so glad you found some of your favorite items there :) I have got to try the grapefruit soda too – mmmm. Rock on, sweetie. xoxo

  8. en Albuquerque (NM) esta Ta-lin no tiene demasiadas cosas pero Yerba, tapas, dulce de deche y de batata

  9. Ok..I’m in Houston, TX and I’m desperately trying to find the mini-tapas or mini-discos for empanadas…can anyone help? I’m not that particular on the brand although I’m told La Saltenas are the best. My local grocer only carries the large tapas from Goya. Would appreciate your help..I’m catering serveral parties and it would make my life much easier…

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