December 7, 2009

Jerome–Argentina’s Best Beer!


OK…so, I've been a bit absent lately.

Still, I encourage you to pick up the November/December issue of DRAFT magazine–where you'll find an article written by Yours Truly about Mendoza's (or perhaps the world's) best microbrewery, which, like all wonderful, magical places, remains relatively unknown and beautifully uncommercialized. 

Cerveza Jerome started when Mendocino Eduardo Maccari befriended three Czechoslovakian scientists who were working in Argentina in the 1980s.  One of them needed rescuing while moutaineering, and somehow (you'll have to read the article to get the full story!) Maccari ended up in Czechoslovakia learning to brew beer.   He returned to Mendoza, Argentina with his skills and started a microbrewery in his weekend cabin in the town of Portrerillos, at the foothills of the Andes.

Today, Jerome has five signature brews.  Each one is crafted by hand.  No pasteurization,  no preservatives, no additives, and pure ingredients–only completely delicious brew.  I might also mention that Eduardo is the leader of the Mendoza Slow Food Movement. The brewpub serves amazing locally grown and produced bites–sausage, cheese and other delights to accompany the beer.

The "company" only has four full-time employees–Eduardo Sr. and Jr. doing the brewing, plus the part-time janitorial and pub staff.  But before you panic about getting a taste:  You don't have to go all the way to Potrerillos, Mendoza:  Jerome is imported to the States and parts of Europe.  If they don't already carry it, ask your local store to get it for you.

Caveat:  Jerome comes in "bomber-sized" bottles rather than six-packs–this bottle is typical in Argentina and is meant for sharing.  But believe me, you won't want to share!

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5 Responses to “Jerome–Argentina’s Best Beer!”

  1. Rebecca,
    it must be delicious, he really got a master class in brewery, czech beers are world famous.
    Jerome, nice name, i must see if i can get some somewhere.

  2. hola Rebe, me alegrè que sigas con el blog, ricos los varenikis de ayer, un beso Florencia, desde Bowen Mendoza.

  3. Very cool about your article. Congrats.

  4. “a bit absent”? Where have you run off to, anyhow? The world needs more of your beautiful food photos!

  5. Good Beer ! From Buenos Aires….

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