September 11, 2008

Empanadas Margaritas–Empanadas with Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella


Since starting this blog in February, I've had the absolute joy of meeting some of the most wonderful people ever, who share an interest in food and travel.  I have been so lucky to find these people, who not only have interesting ideas and experiences to share, but are also very receptive to what I'm doing here at From Argentina With Love.  Peter Bronski is one of these.

Peter Bronski is a Colorado-based adventurer, photographer, and freelance writer (he's written books like Powder Ghost Towns,a guide to Colorado's back-country ski areas), but when he's not off adventuring, he's cooking.  Peter has celiac disease, which means he can't have gluten, and so he and his wife Kelli have worked hard to adapt their own favorite recipes without sacrificing the food they most love to eat. 

Peter and I met at a mediabistro cocktail party, and have been sharing ideas and travels stories, and of course–recipes!  Peter told me that he wanted to try his hand at making empanadas, but that the challenge would be making a gluten- free dough.  But he did it!  (Those are his Gluten-free Empanadas Margaritas, above)  He and Kelli adapted a crust recipe from Gourmet magazine, and it's up on their blog, No Gluten, No Problem–featuring other gluten-free delights, like Zucchini cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream Cheese Frosting or from-scratch Fudge Brownies.  Makes those of us who thought living GF meant giving up the things you love think twice!

The empanada recipe on No Gluten, No Problem is one that is simple and common in Argentina–and vegetarian–it's for Empanadas Margaritas.  I made them at my Whole Foods Empanada Workshop last month.  (Thanks to all of you who attended, and all of you well-wishers who couldn't be there in person–thanks!! It was a great success!  This month, I'll be teaching participants how to make Ñoquis Argentina style–just in time for ñoqui day on the 29th.  If you'd like to attend, and are in the Denver area, the workshop will be held on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th at 6:00pm at the Whole Foods (Wild Oats) at University and Orchard, call 303-798-9699, or email to register.  Hope to see you there!)

So without further ado, Empanadas Margaritas–filled with fresh basil, mozzarella, and chopped fresh tomato–a delicious end-of-summer Italian treat!  Enjoy!

Empanadas Margaritas

1 bunch fresh basil, torn

1 8 oz. package of mozzarella cheese, shredded

1-2 fresh tomatoes, seeded and chopped

1 egg, lightly beaten

cup of water for wetting edges

dough for empanadas

Roll out dough according to dough recipe, or use pre-made shells.  Lightly grease and flour a cookie sheet.  Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  Lightly flour work surface, and lay out empanada shells, assembly-line style.  On each empanada shell put a few torn basil leaves, a few bits of chopped tomato, and a hunk of mozzarella. 

Using your finger, moisten the edges of the top half of the empanada shell with a little water.  Bring up the bottom half, and press along the edges, creating a half-moon shape.  Seal firmly, cupping hands so no filling leaks out during baking.  Seal edges by folding repeatedly, or with a fork, making a pattern.  Repeat until the empanadas are finished.  Place each empanada on the floured cookie sheet, and brush with beaten egg.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes, or until golden brown. 

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11 Responses to “Empanadas Margaritas–Empanadas with Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella”

  1. They look wonderful!
    How did the demo at Whole Foods go?
    I was so sad I couldn’t make it.

  2. How nice, combining an Italian filling with a (gluten-free) Spanish dough to create something completely Argentinean!

  3. Very cool idea. I really love all of your other empanada recipes, it brings me back to BA!

  4. Gluten-free empanada? Awesome!
    Your empanadas margaritas sounds and looks really delish!

  5. This is a very nice looking empanada. I hope I can make it this month :)

  6. We would like to feature your empanadas margaritas on our blog. Please email if interested. Thanks :)
    You can view our blog here:

  7. Pia–the demo was great! Hope you can make it this month!
    Lydia–the possibilites are endless! And these are delicious!
    Marc–a much cheaper way to travel–and they’re so easy to make!
    Paz–thanks for your comment!
    Ben–these are great, what sre the types of emapanadas your family makes?
    Sophie–thanks, I’ll be in touch!

  8. Hello! I’m so excited to see you have an empanada of the month feature! I recently created some gluten free empanadas of my own and was directed to your site via another GF blogger. You can see them at Now that I know how easy they are to make, I am looking forward to trying out the numerous filling options.

  9. Those empandas look great:-)
    X M

  10. Oh my goodness…. it looks so delicious!
    Thank you for sharing your recipe! I am excited to try this out at home!

  11. This is another one of your empanada inspirations that I must try! I really appreciate your family recipes and stories. All the food that comes out of your kitchen has so much soul and love.

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