July 8, 2008

Happy Independence Day, Argentina!

July 9th is the day Argentina celebrates its independence from Spain.  The day is not celebrated with hot dogs and blowing stuff up, but I’ll spare you the history lesson, and instead celebrate the special day by posting 10 of my favorite photos that say “Argentina” to me.  This is in response to a tag from Paz (Thanks!)  These are 10 photos that I haven’t posted before, but will give you a little ‘taste’ of posts to come!

FELIZ DIA DE INDEPENDENCIA!!  Now, go open that bottle of Malbec you’ve been saving!


Above:  The story of this blog begins on my wedding day.  These are bottles of Alamos Malbec that we gave our wedding guests as favors at the reception.  The ribbon says “Guillermo y Rebecca 23 septimbere 2006”.


Above:  Jamon Crudo at a family-owned deli in General Alvear–classic Argentina.


Above:  Vines heavy with grapes during the harvest season.  Taken outside of Bowen on a motorcycle ride.

 Below: Another classic Argentinean scene: cafe cortito con leche and medialunas, at Dun Ken in Mendoza



Above:  Reserve Wine Tasting at the Vines of Mendoza

Below: The meat counter at Mendoza’s Mercado Central



Above: Hand-crafted artesenal helado (gelato) at Pire Helados, General Alvear.


Above: A grape truck full of cargo, harvest season in Bowen.

Below: a delicious tray of sweet medialunas handmade by Raul Faur of Al Pan Pan.


Below:  My father-in-law, Carlos sampling one of the sun-dried plums from his farm.


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8 Responses to “Happy Independence Day, Argentina!”

  1. What a fabulous photo essay/birthday card, Rebecca!

  2. Thank you for sharing such wonderful and personal photos of Argentina. To your family and your readers, happy independence day!

  3. Wonderful photos! I love how I learn a little more about Argentina from this blog. What a really nice gift you gave to your wedding guests. Very, very nice. Happy Independence Day!

  4. Hi Rebeca
    Nice pictures! This really makes me wanting to go to Argentina.

  5. The gelato shot reminds me of my workday at the store today. I made a DEElicious batch of chocolate gelato with Scharfenberger bittersweet chocolate. It was so smooth with specs of chocolate throughout. It reminded me of numerous trips to Freddo. Mmmmmm :)
    Love the shot of the wine bottles for your guests. What a creative idea for a gift!

  6. Rebecca,
    Your blog is a treasure and I will be visiting often! I can’t wait to try some of your recipes.
    Your fan,

  7. Gorgeous photos. Now I desperately want to visit Argentina.

  8. Hi Rebecca, I found you through Paz (when I guest blogged and you left a nice comment about some cookies I made for her). A few years ago, my husband and I took a last-minute trip to Argentina, first for a few days to Buenos Aires where we learned the first few steps of the tango, and then to Bariloche for a week of skiing. We loved it! We dream of going back someday. While there, we discovered Malbec and though we’re still no wine experts, we’ve found a few very good ones. Every time we drink it we reminisce about our holiday in Argentina. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your photos immensely! best, mari

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