July 20, 2008

Rincon del Indio–Indian’s Corner


Rincon del Indio is a place that people from the General Alvear area head to on the weekends for a change of scenery.  It's a dam that irrigates area farms, moonlighting as a scenic picnic spot and barbecue destination.  People bring their families, a picnic, some yerba mate, and sit in the grass in one of the shaded areas near the river, which winds around among rocks and knolls.  Kids run around and play while their parents relax, a few wade in the water.  The area is surrounded by a grove of ancient Eucalyptus trees with picnic tables beneath them. The dam has a walkway that provides the perfect vista to watch the sunset.  A perfect Sunday afternoon.


Also, today is Friend's Day in Argentina, a day when people meet up with or get in touch with their friends.  It began when an Argentinean dentist named Enrique Febbraro suggested that the day, which coincides with the anniversary of the first moon landing, be used to honor friendship.  The custom has grown over the years and many people get together or meet and go out to eat.

So today, send an email or make a call or get together with a long-lost or dear friend.

And from me and my family, to all of you new and old friends that have read along and supported this blog, a great big thank you and un besoFELIZ DIA DEL AMIGO!!

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4 Responses to “Rincon del Indio–Indian’s Corner”

  1. Friends’ Day — a lovely idea. Like Valentines Day, a time to acknowledge the importance of friends in your life. There can never be too much of that!

  2. As always, lovely photos of Argentina. Happy Friend’s Day! I think this is a wonderful holiday to celebrate!

  3. un beso to you too! Your blog is so well written and such a source of joy in my life. I love your photos, stories and recipes. Thanks for sharing the info about Friendship Day – next year I will celebrate it! D

  4. Really awesome photography – makes me want to go on a trip!

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