June 11, 2008

Empanada of the Month Round Up #1!

I am so proud of everyone who participated in From Argentina With Love's very first Empanada of the Month event!!  There are some fearless recipe makers out there in the blogosphere, some who are long time empanada makers, and others who had never made empanadas before and took the challenge.  And the results are simply mouth-watering!  They look delicious. Thank you for joining in and making this blog's first event a success!  So without further ado-here are the entries for Empanadas Mendocinas-Empanada of the Month #1!

Paz from The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz created these beauties:


And although she was very doubtful of her empanada making skills-I think they look fantastic!  (I wanted to eat them right off my computer screen.)

Brilynn from Jumbo Empanadas made these lovelies:


With a name like that, how could you go wrong?  Brilynn posts about how her blog got it's name, and she even made the dough from scratch-I'm very impressed!

Sandy from Real Food for Real People made these tasty morsels:


Sandy's father was a chef from Buenos Aires-and she gives a great dough recipe in her post-check it out!

Layla from Laylita's Recipes made these delectable treats:


Originally from Ecuador, Layla has a whole category of her blog dedicated to empanadas!  She is one of those gals who does every recipe astoundingly well, and yet makes it look like it was nothing at all.  I am always amazed when I read her blog!

Nikki from Canary Girl made these mouth-watering bites:


She lives in the Canary Islands, where she has sampled the same type of empanadas at a local Italian restaurant run by Argentineans!  They look WONDERFUL, Nikki-thanks for joining us!!

I hope I didn't leave anybody out!  I know there were a few people who wanted to participate but weren't able to-if I left you out by mistake, please let me know and I'll add you in!!  If you didn't make it this month, I hope you'll participate in next month's Empanada of the Month Round Up-to be announced in the coming week.  Thanks!

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10 Responses to “Empanada of the Month Round Up #1!”

  1. Congratulations, everyone, on such beautiful empanadas! Great event, Rebecca.

  2. Oh, I am so sad I just couldn’t pull it together to make my empanadas. I planned on it, even bought everything and then I was requested to make hamburgers. Hope to join in the fun next time!

  3. Rebecca, Thanks for organizing this, I’m looking forward to the next one. Layla

  4. Uh oh! I don’t see my entry… :O Yummy empanadas everyone! :)

  5. wow! i wish I knew about this event earlier! if it’s a monthly thing, I’ve gotta get in on this sooner than later. Oh man do I love myself some empanandas! Next time the contestants should submit a pic of it pre-cut and then one with a slice in it so we can see the beautiful insides!

  6. Hi!
    So all we have to do is to do the empanadas? I thought we had to submit recipes for empanadas. I don’t have my own blog though.

  7. Great job putting the lineup together. Everyone’s empanadas look delicious. Thanks for putting this together, Rebecca. It was fun. I hope to become a better empanada maker. 😉

  8. Fabulous job Rebecca, so many glorious empanadas, sorry I didn’t have time to take part this time.
    Have tagged you btw, please stop by my blog.

  9. I learned about your empanadas event too late… So it’s a case last weekend I made “empanaditas de cayote”. But I love empanadas, so I’ll be waiting for the next time to participate. 😉

  10. They all look so good! Where to begin?!

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