April 28, 2008

Where in the World is Matt Lauer?

This morning I woke up, and groggily, with my cup of coffee in hand, flipped on the TV to watch the Today Show.

Every year the show sends host Matt Lauer to a mystery location to do a travel and culture story. The series is called:  Where in the World is Matt Lauer?  This year the answer is:  BUENOS AIRES!! 

How exciting to see my adopted home there, I stayed glued to the TV the whole time.  And in fact, the whole show was dedicated to Argentina and its culture. They did a segment on drinking mate, on the gaucho (including a truly incredible video of a real horse whisperer!) Matt had a tango lesson, watched an artist paint in the fileteado style, and toured Buenos Aires. All the clips are available on the Today Show site, so if you missed it and want to watch, log on and get your free tour of Buenos Aires!  It made me want to book my flight now!  A side note:  The correspondent that did the bulk of the stories, Kerry Sanders, had obviously (like me) fallen in love with Argentina.  He handled the topics of Argentina’s culture wonderfully and gracefully-and with respect.

Here is a clip from the show of Patagonian born, French trained celeb chef/restaurateur Francis Mallmann giving Matt Lauer a brief over-view of Argentina’s classic cuisine.  Guillermo and I have watched it over and over, drooling!

You may have noticed that the sidebar items on this site have changed recently!  I joined the ad network at foodbuzz as one of their Featured Publishers, and I’m excited to be working with them and networking with other food bloggers.

I’ve also added links to an Argentinean book, movie and music selection that I enjoy-I hope that you enjoy them, too!  You can follow the link and order them directly from Amazon or get more information. 

The movie is Nueve Reinas (Nine Queens), a thriller in the style of Ocean’s Eleven about con men conning con men in a heist of some rare stamps.  This story within a story shows classic scenes of Buenos Aires life, too.

Estancias is a coffee-table book about the lavish estates found outside of Buenos Aires.  The book is by Carolina and Aldo Sessa, the team that has published a series of high-quality photo books including themes like the Tango and the Gaucho, full of their breathtaking pics of Argentinean life.

Miranda! is an award-winning electro-pop band from Buenos Aires, famous for their unusual fashion, looks and music; not to  mention  racy lyrics.

I also owe a big thanks to all the people who have supported me in building this blog-my husband, Guillermo, most of all, but also my friends and family and of course, you, my readers!  Thanks you for all your comments and emails-meeting all of you has been so great and has taken me a step closer to my dreams.  (Especially Lydia, Gretchen, Paz, Matt, & Jaden!)

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6 Responses to “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?”

  1. Oh, wow! I should be thanking you. What’s not to love about this blog. I always enjoy my visits here. I love how you transport me to Argentina, for FREE! It’s worth the visit here. 😉
    My sister saw Matt Lauer’s show and was telling me about it. She really liked what she saw.
    Thanks for the recommendations and links, especially the movie. The last (and only) Argentinian novela I saw was Muneca Brava. Quite good. The last Argentinian movie I saw, quite some time ago, but is one of my favorite movies — El Hijo de la Novia. Nueva Reinas sounds very good. I’d like to see it. I’ll look up Estancias and Miranda! too.
    Lastly, congrats on your featured publishers position. Cool!
    Have a good one!

  2. You are so incredibly talented! I know you’ll do so well with your blog. Kisses!

  3. Nueve Reinas is such an awesome movie.

  4. I was watching this episode yesterday too and thought, it’s about time that they went there! I’ve been dying to vacation there because it seems gorgeous and stunning, and the people seem extremely friendly. I’m thinking about heading down there when I graduate college in December.

  5. Paz-thanks for your compliments! If you ever need any advice on where to go in Argnetina, of course I’d be happy to help! My son love novelas-isn’t that a kick?
    Jaden-thank you for your kind words!
    Laylita-glad you liked Nueve Reinas, too-have any other suggestions?
    Amanda-ditto-if you need travel ideas, let me know-and congrats on graduating!! It really is a wonderful place.

  6. You are so cute Rebe! So glad that we did meet, I always enjoy your posts!

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