February 14, 2008

Be Mine!


For Valentine’s Day this year, I got adopted!  (Or, rather, my blog did.)  Kristen from Dine and Dish is hosting an Adopt-A-Food Blogger event, where a new food blogger (yours truly) is paired up with a (pardon the pun) seasoned food blogger.  The idea is that food bloggers can share support, be linked up and share ideas about blogging.

Ooo!  Pick me! Pick me!

I have been adopted by the lovely Lydia from The Perfect Pantry.  Lydia is just amazing!  She is hostess of her blog, teaches cooking classes, writes about food, organizes cookie donations, and STILL finds time in a 24-hour day to write to me every time I have a question about my blog!  Working with her over the last few weeks has been great-she’s provided technical support and helped me focus my ideas, and has been a great soundboard for me to bounce ideas off of.  Thanks a million, Lydia, for being mine this Valentine’s Day!

In honor of the event, I’d like to do a Perfect Pantry-esque post featuring one item that every Argentinian pantry-coarse salt.  This salt is used in asado-Argentinina barbeque-to flavor the meat.  They don’t use marinade, special seasonings, or barbeque sauce, they use coarse salt.  I won’t even get into Argentinians and their barbeque ( for now), just know that it involves salt.  The blue word on the label, Parrillera, means ‘for the grill,’.  Coarser grains of salt are ‘less salty’, according to my husband, and they are also lower in sodium.

This coarse sea salt can be used on meat, poultry,  fish and vegetables. 

Thanks again to Lydia for all her help and to Kristen for cooking up (ugh! with the puns again!) this event!

For those of you waiting to see the pics my mother-in-law sent of the steps for making Dulce de Tomate, here you go…straight from Florencia’s kitchen:

Tomatoes seeded, peeled, and halved…


Cooking with the syrup…



During the longer cooking time…


Stirring the finished product with a wooden spoon…


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3 Responses to “Be Mine!”

  1. What a lovely Valentine post — I’m thrilled to be your adoptive blog mom! And, of course, I’m looking forward to learning all about the food of Argentina, a place I’ve always wanted to visit.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I’m glad that Lydia “adopted” you because now more of us have discovered your blog. It’s so interesting to learn more about your culture and the foods. I am now going to have a look at your visit to the bakery.

  3. Congratulations on your blog Rebecca. It looks beautiful and the recipes seem so easy and yummy. I am glad Lydia “adopted” you- I know you will just grow with her caring guidance. She has been just special for me as well. Best of luck in your future blogs, I’ll look forward to reading them!
    Cheers from Ottawa, Arlo